Animals are housed in climate controlled and individual room during the boarding period. We will provide daily necessaries for cats and dogs to suit their size. And you have the option to bring bedding to give them a comforting smell from home, along with some toys for their playtime. However, We don’t encourage to send to much luggage with as we does not take responsibility for any items sent to or left at the facility.

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Sunshine Cattery

Situated right next to river Shek Hang, the Cat Chalet is the ideal holiday retreat for your furry family members. With it is stunning interior and 17-foot vertical clearance, the east wing consists of individual rooms with a large shared space for those who are inclined to socialize and make new friends during their stay. The large glass windows allow our guests to have a full uninterrupted view of the premise and river Shek Hang. For the calmer and more composed, the west wing offers larger individual suites with individual bathrooms that overlooks the wild natural scenery of Shek Hang in the comfort of their own room. With a daily room service and smooth wooden floors, the premise is kept clean and tidy for all our guests. Complimentary breakfast is included with every room.

Bird Watching Cattery

This is also an in-door facility. The exercise area leads to a balcony. This balcony is safe guarded. Cats cannot escape or fall out. But your cats can watch the birds stop by the tree next to the balcony. They can also see a lot of the activities going on in the kennel during the day. the air-condition unit is almost ready to be used when needed. There is also a heater.