Licensed Pet Hotel, Licence No.: 001589

Regular exercise

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Animals are housed in climate controlled and individual room during the boarding period. We will provide daily necessaries for cats and dogs to suit their size. And you have the option to bring bedding to give them a comforting smell from home, along with some toys for their playtime. However, We don’t encourage to send to much luggage with as we does not take responsibility for any items sent to or left at the facility.

Exercise Playground

Regular exercise

Your dog will be taken outside regularly during the day to a large exercise yard. kennel runs in the facilities are well set up, and provide most animals with adequate room to exercise within their run. Your dog can run around and sniff other dogs through the fence. Generally speaking, each exercise time is between 15-20 minutes, And our staff will use their discretion as to how long this exercise time is for and what type of play is suitable for your pet.